Learn to sing! Get a clear picture of how your voice works. Build a solid vocal technique and apply it to songs of your choice!

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Hi! I’m Nicholas - voice teacher, singer and musician.

As a teacher my aim is to give you the right tools to help you develop your voice to its full potential. Singing technique can be very complicated (not to say confusing!) and I do my best to explain things as simply and clearly as possible. Let’s take your voice to the next level!

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the technique

How does the voice work?

When you are singing, air from your lungs sets your vocal cords into vibration creating a soundwave. The sound then travels through your throat and mouth where it is amplified, shaped and turned into words, finally reaching the ear of the listener.

So your voice consists of 3 things: airflow, muscle (your vocal cords) and resonance. Let's take a look at each of them in a little more detail!

air Airflow: Your vocal cords (and the muscles surrounding them) are very small and for them to be able to function properly and make fine adjustements they need a steady stream of air and a moderate air pressure. Pushing too much air through will cause strain, especially as you approach the higher range.

muscle Muscle: Your vocal cords need to close in order to make a sound. I will teach you how to gently bring your cords together for efficient closure, making sure you are not working them too hard. Overcompressing/squeezing will only result in a forced tone. Correct closure on the other hand will give you a rich sound at the source and through good resonance all the power you will ever need!

resonance Resonance: I will show you how to efficiently shape your resonators in order to sing with a consistent tone, no breaks and an even sound no matter how high or low the pitch.

Those are the basics. We will spend roughly half the lesson on technique exercises, then we will apply the technique to songs of your choice!


First lesson (45min): £20

Singing lesson (30min): £20 | 5-pack: £90 | 10-pack: £160

Singing lesson (60min): £35 | 5-pack: £160 | 10-pack: £280

All cancellations require 24 hours' notice, or you will be charged for the missed appointment in full.


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